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Our new ideas and innovative products make us a lively, enthusiastic company, striving to make a positive difference in the world of sealing technologies.
Sovereign has been sealing ground water inflows since 1972 – some with flow rates of 50 Gallon per second from a single aquifer and some with static head pressures of 2900 P.S.I. Our specialty is our proprietary grout that can coagulate in as quick as 3 seconds or as long as several days, depending on the outcome we require. This puts Sovereign in the lead when it comes to sealing technologies – no other grouting company can achieve these results and our clients are testimony to our exceptional track record.

We analyze geotechnical reports and design grout programs to suit the client – minimizing downtime getting the miner back on track with minimal disruption. Sovereign also design and perform pre-grouting programs.

Our Core competencies:
  • To seal unwanted ground water with no disruption to our clients operations.
  • To provide our clients with technically advanced quality products and services.
  • To provide services complying with all health, safety and environmental regulations.
  • To provide our services cost effectively and without delays.

Our Specialties:
  • We will study geotechnical reports and design a pre-grouting program to deal with the area prior to excavation – shafts or declines. This will result in a dry area prior to mining.
  • During the annual conference of the ‘Institute of Shaft Drilling Technology’ (ISDT) held in Las Vegas (1991) a technical white paper was written on Sovereign, our products and systems outlining our capabilities also referring to past case studies.
  • Research and development - Currently research and development is taking place in both Canada and Central Africa at two of the wettest underground sites in the world.
  • Design Bulkhead sealing technology for worked out mine caverns for Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) and Geo – Sequestration for carbon storage.
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