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Our new ideas and innovative products make us a lively, enthusiastic company, striving to make a positive difference in the world of sealing technologies.
Our grout NOH2O have successfully sealed tunnels during construction by grouting inflows in the excavated face. Repairs and rehabilitation has also been done – some by grouting the rock structure some by sealing the annulus and some by repairing joints and cracks in the concrete lining. Large inflows during tunnel excavation - up to 50 Gallons per second have successfully been sealed in a single shift.

Examples of our grout activities in tunnels are the Dartford tunnel in London England, Port Headland Harbor tunnel in Western Australia, Stone Cutters Island tunnel in Hong Kong, Gwithian outfall tunnel in Cornwall United Kingdom, Prospect water tunnel in NSW Australia, Hazelbrook sewer tunnel in NSW Australia to mention a few.

Our Core competencies:
  • To seal unwanted ground water with no disruption to our clients operations.
  • To provide our clients with technically advanced quality products and services.
  • To provide services complying with all health, safety and environmental regulations.
  • To provide our services cost effectively and without delays.

Our Specialties:
  • We analyze geotechnical reports and design pre-grouting programs to deal with the area prior to excavation – shafts or declines. This will result in a dry area prior to mining.
  • During the annual conference of the ‘Institute of Shaft Drilling Technology’ (ISDT) held in Las Vegas (1991) a technical white paper was written on Sovereign, our products and systems outlining our capabilities also referring to past case studies.
  • Research and development - Currently research and development is taking place in both Canada and Central Africa at two of the wettest underground sites in the world.
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