Sovereign Mining
Sovereign Mining

Penetrating Grout - NOH2O®

NOH2O grout is applied by injection through strategically drilled holes into the water bearing zone of the host rock. The intersected water is then pushed back from the leak zone and displaced with the polymer grout.

NOH2O is a flexible and extremely penetrating polymer based emulsion grout that has been successfully used in many subsurface environments including underground dams, ore bodies, UG chambers, pilot holes, raise bore shafts, ore passes, abandoned workings, water plugs, developing declines and shaft sinking excavations. Sovereign's penetrating grout will not crack, or releak when normal construction or ground movement occurs.

We Seal Water

Sovereign mining is a privately-held, water-sealing company specializing in the manufacture and application of patented polymer grouts. Sovereign formulated its first grout in 1972 for control of high flow-high pressure water ingress into deep subsurface mines in South Africa. Since that time, Sovereign has developed several proprietary grouts, and our expertise and products are in demand world-wide.

Over the past 4 decades, Sovereign has successfully sealed leaking mines and shafts in 37 countries, and has diversified application of its patented grouts beyond mining into the civil, tunneling, well leak mitigation and compressed air energy storage (CAES).

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