Our specialty grout product, NOH2O, is designed for sealing high flow / high pressure ground water where the washout effect on other types of grout is predominant.  NOH2O is extremely penetrable and once coagulated, extremely flexible. Future ground movement or shocks from blasting or excavation will not result in water leaking again. Sealed single leaks with flow rates of 2600 GPM and inflows with pressures of 2500 P.S.I.


NOH2O is a continuous medium colloidal polymer grout.  It is injected in a fluid state and remains a fluid until activated.  The grain size of the particles in the polymer is very small (in the colloidal range), and the viscosity of the polymer is quite low (see Table of Properties).  Hence, the milk-like polymer at the time of injection is extremely penetrable and will go where water travels.
Inhibitors and activators are used to change the characteristics of the polymer, enhancing the control over direction of flow and resulting in greater penetration. The polymer remains stable in its fluid state until activated. Activation may also be achieved through agitation when the polymer is subjected to shear action as it passes through an orifice of a fissure. Once activated, the dispersed colloidal compound coagulates to form a mass of linked and tethered rubberlike laths.

When first formed, the activated polymer transforms to a hydrated jelly–like plug of matted laths. As pressure is applied to the activated polymer, the water is expelled and the laths adhere to each other to form a denser and more competent plug that is both impenetrable and flexible.

NOH2O is non-toxic and user friendly. NOH2O is not exothermic -- no heat is generated during the curing process.

The plug will remain effective even when movement occurs. Future ground movement or shocks from blasting, reaming or excavation will not result in water leaking again, as may happen if only cementitious grouts were used.

In recent years, interest has grown in the application of NOH2O for containment of groundwater at nuclear sites in the United States and Japan. Testing on the grout involving exposure to varying doses of radiation were performed in 2014, and the maintenance of the grout’s physical properties demonstrated the grout’s very good radiation tolerance. Field experimentation on injection methods is now underway to determine optimal ways to create subsurface containment structures with NOH2O.

NOH20 is a patented product designed by Sovereign and the intellectual property belongs exclusively to Sovereign and is protected by law.
Extremely permeating - Particle size less than 1 micron.
Remarkable spread - Initial injection viscosity is only 2.5 cP.
Does not wash out under high flow/high pressure conditions.
Controlled curing rates from 2 seconds to several days.
Works in saline and hypersaline formation waters.
Remains flexible after solidification. 350% Elasticity.
No heat generated; reaction is not exothermic.
Safe to work with and environmentally friendly.