The Sovereign Group of Companies provide committed and enthusiastic staff with extensive underground grouting expertise. Our teams have successfully been deployed throughout the world to perform water sealing in many underground soft rock and hard rock mines. NOH2O has been used to seal leaks in shafts, declines and mine rooms. Our grout has been applied to both roof and floor leaks.

Using NOH2O, Sovereign can assist mine developers and operators with curtain grouting, pre-grouting of new development areas, sealing of exploration holes, sealing of water in raised bores, ore passes, and advancing declines. NOH2O has been successfully used to manage water leaks during conventional shaft sinking operations, in new and old mains and mine rooms, and in abandoned workings. To date, NOH2O has been used successfully to seal discrete water inflows at rates as high as 2500 gallons per minute (gpm) under pressures as high as 2465 pounds per square inch (psi).

The Sovereign Group of Companies provide water sealing solutions to construction projects both above ground and below surface, ranging between subway tunnels and building basements to rooftop structures. Our dedicated grouting experts for civil applications have successfully sealed water leaks in a variety of tunnels, dam walls, reservoirs, silos, cellars, waste disposal sites, pits, storm water systems, retaining walls, rooftops, ponds, and bulkheads. Our grouting crews are well-trained and well-equipped to ensure that the highest standards of quality and performance are maintained. We recognize that the quality of our staff and equipment is the key to optimizing our results. Sovereign’s research teams are actively developing new sealing technologies for tomorrow’s challenges in the civil arena.

NOH2O’s remarkable physical properties and low permeability provide excellent opportunities for its use in geo-containment and groundwater contaminant control applications. Our grout has been used to seal a bulkhead for a successful test of compressed air energy storage (CAES) in an underground salt mine. The project is detailed in a report by Brian Wolf in 2009 and involved construction and sealing of a bulkhead designed to test a CAES reservoir operating at 650 to 850 psi. The test bulkhead was 25 feet wide, 17.5 feet high and 4 feet thick. Concrete cold joints and the contact with the surrounding rock salt was sealed by pressure injecting NOH2O into 2-inch diameter, perforated steel tubes, placed in rows, 12 inches on center, at the approximate mid-point of the bulkhead width (thickness). Approximately 300 gallons of NOH2O were injected.

Brine was used to pressure up the sealed reservoir area behind the bulkhead. A maximum pressure of 1220 psi was maintained for 20 minutes, then brine was bled off to reduce the reservoir pressure of 850 psi. The pressure was maintained for a period of approximately 16 hours with no leakage when the test was concluded. NOH2O maintained the integrity of the bulkhead despite the designed 0.75 inch horizontal deflection at maximum pressure, testifying to the utility of our grout for geo-containment applications.

For a copy of the CAES Project Study and Bulkhead Test report, Click Here.

The ability of NOH2O to confine brine at high pressure leads to recognition of its use for construction of groundwater containment structures at solid and hazardous waste sites. We are developing techniques to build hydraulic barriers to constrain contaminant plume migration and to isolate leaking underground storage tanks. Cut-off walls can be constructed by injection of NOH2O via injection wells or by direct application to trenches for shallow subsurface mitigation/remediation projects.

The Sovereign Group of Companies is working with expert engineering firms to develop water sealing solutions for sensitive nuclear waste storage and accident sites. NOH2O has passed rigorous radiation tolerance evaluations and meets the generally applied 100 year life criterion for application to nuclear sites. NOH2O is being evaluated to seal pipe penetrations and cracks in damaged containment buildings and to construct subsurface groundwater containment structures around decades-old subsurface waste storage tanks. Sovereign, with its expert engineering firm partners, continues to develop and refine grout application methods to achieve effective water sealing solutions.